KHC012 - Wayne Endicott Podcast

Wayne Endicott, owns The Bow Rack, in Springfield, Oregon with his wife, Lisa. The legendary, Roy Roth, was Wayne’s 2nd customer 33-years ago, and since that time Wayne has been a friend and brother as our lives have been focused around the archery lifestyle we love. Wayne and Lisa play a key role and have become a fan favorite on the “Lift. Run. Shoot.” YouTube series.  Each episode includes a visit to The Bow Rack where the guest gets their bow set-up properly and Wayne teaches them to shoot correctly.  


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:28 Early Wayne days and The Bow Rack

0:03:55 Macgyver arrows

0:08:20 Wayne’s first kill

0:14:18 Jim Hodson

0:16:30 Young guns in the sport

0:18:30 J.C. James

0:22:30 Nate Endicott

0:26:15 Roy Roth: Arnold Schwarzenegger in the woods

0:42:00 All the people that helped a dream come true

0:48:20 Bow League

0:50:30 Everyone Roy effected 

0:54:00 Wild Roy stories

1:01:00 Old school Wayne and Cam days

1:04:13 Packing out a bull with Roy

1:06:50 Nate Simmons

1:15:00 Snow machines and big Brown bear

1:16:40 Local legends like Mark Ludwig

1:23:58 Today’s bowhunting world

1:29:00 Evolution from pack horses to fitness

1:35:30 Cam’s big Muley

1:37:54 Rick Carone and Whitetails

1:45:45 Bowhunters make mistakes sometimes

1:55:00 Ted Nugent

2:01:40 The evolution of bowhunting in society

2:07:00 Convincing bowhunting naysayers 

2:13:14 Life changing moment

2:30:15 Long standing friendship

2:34:20 Lisa Endicott

2:39:10 Sponsorships 

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