KHC003 - Chris Williamson Podcast

Chris Williamson, host of the widely popular Modern Wisdom podcast, has conducted fascinating interviews with iconic figures like David Goggins, Jordan Peterson and Andrew Huberman, to name a few. Chris has also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In this episode of The Keep Hammering Collective, Chris delivers incredible insight in a unique way while diving into human development, philosophy, the importance of pain and suffering, critical thinking, and ultimately, what does it mean to be an intellectual?


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0:00:00 Introduction and Chris’ background

0:00:43 Inspiration behind “Modern Wisdom”

0:02:46 High performance coming from a place of insufficiency 

0:08:00 A negative mind will shape your reality

0:09:03 Childhood shaping adulthood

0:16:00 Thoughts are not actions

0:20:43 Chris’ progression of learning

0:23:49 Success begets success, while failure begets more failure

0:26:54 Letters to Myself, Marcus Aurelius

0:28:26 Life is what you deem it

0:31:00 Chosen vs. Unchosen suffering

0:32:44 Performance without purpose

0:37:11 Is balance necessary?

0:40:00 Success is a onesies, not an outfit

0:42:20 Chris’ future goals

0:45:55 Discipline before success

0:47:30 Influential voices for the Left

0:52:07 Centrist ideologies

0:56:58 The alignment problem

1:01:16 Why move to America?

1:03:00 The American Dream still exists

1:07:28 Joe Rogan inspiration

1:09:30 Intellectual Dark Web

1:17:50 Andrew Huberman

1:21:15 Who inspires you?

1:24:20 Childhood passion coming full circle

1:32:43 Wild at Heart and the lion in the cage

1:38:35 Men with a purpose

1:42:50 Young men in today’s world

1:54:39 Positive relationship dynamic

1:58:49 What makes a good parent?

2:01:35 Chris’ 1000 days of no alcohol

2:08:10 Advantages of not being dependent on anything

2:13:30 Closing statements  

2:15:33 Sponsorships

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