KHC002 - Justin Waller Podcast

Justin Waller is a multifaceted entrepreneur; from steel construction, real estate, business consulting, and investments. Justin explains troubleshooting managerial pitfalls early in his career, as well as, his relationship with the polarizing Andrew Tate, investment properties in Dubai, the male and female dynamic, and perspective on purchasing a Bugatti. 



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0:00:00 Introduction and Justin’s background

0:05:12 Setting lofty goals and the overachieving mindset

0:07:30 If you’re going to meet God, He’s up at 4am

0:09:26 Importance of healthy relationships in management

0:11:30 World doesn’t run without blue collar workers

0:18:17 Real estate through Construction and having “good debt”

0:20:50 “Trump’s the GOAT”

0:21:19 Woman in the construction business

0:23:50 Ego is the enemy

0:28:35 Witch hunt for women

0:30:10 Future for Justin Waller?

0:35:30 Property in Dubai and the Tate’s

0:36:42 Hearts of young men

0:37:47 Top G

0:44:30 Changing yourself for better

0:45:45 The marriage dynamic

0:49:30 “List of Hate”

0:53:20 Cam’s elk hunting haters

0:59:09 There’s enough cake for everyone

1:01:23 Everyone’s “Ace in the Hole”
1:04:36 The Last Dance and the winning mindset

1:08:54 What do women want?

1:17:20 Helping young men

1:19:00 Justin’s experience during his Lift, Run, Shoot day

1:24:45 Closing statements

1:26:40 Sponsorships 

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