KHC001 - Michael Chandler Podcast

UFC’s electrifying Michael Chandler talks: awakening a sleeping giant, the real value of “shiny objects” and how every man needs a dragon to slay.


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0:00:00 Introduction of Michael and his upbringing

0:02:03 Michael’s early MMA career, Tyrone Woodley, First Blood Promotions

0:06:39 Michael’s evolution as a fighter 

0:09:11 How bad does getting kicked actually hurt?

0:10:27 A fighter’s mentality, bouncing back from a loss

0:12:00 Dealing with public criticism 

0:14:10 The evolution of MMA athletes, difficulties of staying on top

0:17:10 Fighting is a metaphor for life

0:18:45 The “fairness” of fighting

0:19:44 Most devastating shots

0:23:19 Other notable UFC hardworking fighters, Gilbert Burns

0:27:05 A fighter’s “Tells”

0:28:10 Michael’s fighting style, potential future matchups

0:31:00 Michael’s training App

0:33:33 Training camp diet

0:36:20 Running a marathon with Cam

0:38:10 A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

0:41:50 Starting new journeys and putting one foot in front of the other

0:43:10 Don’t be afraid of failure

0:45:12 “A Shiny Object” for God

0:49:40 Michael’s faith journey

0:52:03 Pressure to be perfect

0:54:03 Instilling a hard work mentality in children

0:59:30 Working towards your best self

1:01:11 Blocking out haters

1:06:12 A war vs. a quick KO in the octagon

1:08:45 Wild at Heart, John Eldredge

1:11:29 Michael Chandler’s future as a bowhunter

1:17:11 Closing statements 

1:18:30 Sponsorships

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