KHC 032 - Max Thieriot Podcast

KHC032 Max Thieriot - Actor, Producer, Bowhunter


Actor, producer, hunter, badass. Max. The. Riot.



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0:00:00 Intro

0:01:40 Television being an escape

0:05:00 Creation of “Fire Country”

0:17:00 Getting back to classic filmmaking

0:18:05 Training for inmate firefighters

0:26:10 Growing concern for wildfires

0:31:30 Is it helpful or hurtful?

0:32:57 Getting started in the film industry

0:34:38 Go Ruck

0:35:15 Breeo

0:38:00 Transition from child actor to adult actor

0:43:00 Struggles of acting

0:51:50 Cam on the set of “Seal Team”

0:54:00 Highlighting the small town life

0:59:40 Working with true professionals

1:04:00 Classically trained vs. not

1:13:20 Meeting some of the Greats

1:23:10 Max’s hunting journey

1:30:57 Connection to the land

1:42:40 Closing


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