KHC008 - Cowboy Cerrone Podcast

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, a UFC legend, actor, and all-round badass is know for his fighting attitude of, “anyone, anytime, anywhere.” His unfiltered approach to life and speaking his mind has led to unrivaled respect in the fight business and his show-stopping striking made him a fan favorite. 


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:32 What’s the meter of becoming a legend?

0:01:54 Any time, anywhere mindset

0:04:50 Running in slippers

0:07:22 Are you really the guy?

0:09:00 Give a mouse a cookie

0:10:50 The middle class

0:13:00 Cowboy’s upbringing

0:16:38 Cerrone’s kid’s camp

0:18:39 Traveling the world

0:20:17 Early fight career

0:21:35 Balancing roofing and kickboxing

0:25:40 Shift in training

0:30:30 When you say you’re going to do something, fucking do it

0:32:00 Jackson’s

0:33:00 Did I work hard enough?

0:33:50 Fight week taxation and flow state

0:39:39 Do you miss it?

0:41:30 The ups and downs of fight week

0:46:30 Movie star

0:51:09 Mark Wahlberg

0:53:27 Shootin’ bows 

0:54:50 The Brisby Rivalry

0:55:39 Raising boys

1:01:00 Life is competition 

1:04:07 Death is a part of life

1:09:48 Elk hunting with Cam

1:10:01 What do you learn about yourself making movies?

1:13:00 Huger dick

1:13:32 Why is Dale Brisby’s hair better than yours?

1:14:13 Are you ready to get whooped by Dale?

1:15:05 What makes a champion?

1:18:35 Any time, anywhere

1:21:55 Turning fight mode off

1:24:00 Hoyt passing

1:25:10 Sponsorships

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