KHC007 - Matt West Podcast

Matt West, voice of the Professional Bull Riders tour, uses his talent with a mic in his hand to celebrate the riders, the bulls, and the cowboy lifestyle. Matt  is also a gym owner, Westfit, located in his hometown of Nowata, Oklahoma.  In this episode we talk life, bulls, cowboys and what makes a good rider. And of course, who’s the bull riding GOAT?


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:45 Who is Matt West to PBR?

0:01:55 There’s good people everywhere you go

0:03:00 Best part of Matt’s job

0:04:45 PBR in real life

0:06:10 Giving the athletes a voice

0:07:30 Dumbest thing Matt has ever done

0:10:00 One of the only sports you can die practicing

0:12:00 Having to be ready for anything

0:12:45 Jose Vitor

0:14:26 Brazilian cowboys

0:15:38 J.B. Mauney 

0:19:00 Is there judging flaws in PBR?

0:22:00 The respectful athletes

0:23:10 What makes a good bullrider?

0:26:20 Passion creates the drive

0:27:32 How Matt West got his start

0:30:30 The dangers of working in the industry

0:33:00 Death is a part of life

0:36:50 “Be Cowboy.”

0:39:00 Rodeo Entertainer and the non-scripted show of PBR

0:42:42 The difference between Matt and others in the profession

0:44:45 Hats vs. helmets

0:46:44 Worst injury and still riding

0:48:00 The animal’s health is priority

0:51:10 Who’s the best bullrider ever?

0:53:20 Closing

0:54:31 Sponsorships  


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