KHC006 - Dale Brisby Podcast

Many have wondered? Is Dale Brisby the greatest bull rider to ever live? Hard to say but when asked Dale says this, “Rodeo has been my life, I've been going 90 since before the war!” On this episode of The Keep Hammering Collective we talk Dale’s journey as everyone’s favorite cowboy, learn more about his dad’s influence on him, his walk with Christ and his beef with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone who Dale says, “Ain’t no real cowboy.” 


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:00 Who is Dale Brisby

0:01:44 Dale’s Netflix series - How To Be A Cowboy

0:04:33 What makes the cowboy lifestyle so interesting?

0:06:19 Misconceptions of a cattle rancher

0:08:17 The connection between man, horse, and dogs

0:10:26 Standing out as a cowboy at the 6666 Ranch

0:13:00 Dale’s introduction into the rodeo

0:15:00 Roughstock vs. Time Events

0:17:00 What makes a good roughstocker?

0:22:30 Confidence with preparation is arrogance 

0:25:10 Separating the greats from the rest

0:26:09 Buckle Bunnies

0:27:02 The importance of rodeos for a small town

0:29:49 PBR changing the game

0:32:00 J.B. Mauney, The Dragon Slayer

0:36:20 Cam’s preparation for elk hunting

0:38:27 Passion requires work

0:44:03 Being an outliner takes time and work

0:44:54 Dale’s father

0:49:12 How you die matters

0:50:11 The premonition to cherish

0:54:51 Roy Tough

0:56:34 The ripple effect of death

1:00:41 Let’s buck em’

1:02:20 10 years of videos

1:04:30 Taylor Sheridan and Yellowstone

1:06:40 Respecting where God put you

1:07:48 The importance of faith

1:11:23 Faith from his father

1:14:40 Dale’s future goals

1:20:23 Dale’s Lift, Run, Shoot day

1:25:46 Secret jackedness

1:28:36 Passing of the Hoyt

1:31:12 Romans 5:3-5

1:32:50 Sponsorships 

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