KHC005 - Rich Froning Podcast

Rich Froning needs no introduction but we’ll give you one. Earned the title, “The World’s Fittest Man”, with 4x consecutive CrossFit Games individual champion and then followed that up with 6x team championships which give him an incredible 10x CrossFit championship titles. 

Listen Rich and Cameron discuss what it takes to be a champion, developing mental toughness, Rich’s journey into bowhunting and much more. Hope you enjoy the listen!


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:44 How did you stay at the top of the Crossfit game so long?

0:03:05 The mental advantage

0:04:59 Can you tell when another competitor is struggling in “The Games?"

0:07:40 Evolution of Crossfit

0:08:21 Rich’s recovery and advantages of mobility 

0:12:00 Team event comeback

0:14:48 Running on "the mountain” with no one watching

0:16:39 Most cherished moment in Rich’s career

0:18:40 Retirement

0:21:00 Importance of a father being a beast

0:22:50 Life is competition 

0:23:36 Pressure in the team environment

0:26:18 Creating villains in your head

0:28:06 Toughest “Games” experiences

0:30:20 Smack talk

0:35:10 Tough swimming in “The Games”

0:36:52 Who’s the “G.O.A.T.” of Crossfit?

0:39:20 Learning other’s secrets

0:42:11 Sacrificing more

0:44:26 Price of greatness

0:47:00 Compete in “The Games” or run Pisgah everyday?

0:48:35 Learning the finer details with Wayne Endicott

0:51:32 Traveling to Crossfit Mayhem 

0:53:24 How champions stand out

0:55:05 Man of God doesn’t mean weakness

0:57:00 The grind

0:59:00 Bowhunting is the new competition and Rich’s elk hunt

1:04:22 The work of killing a bull elk

1:06:35 Being in the mountains alone

1:07:50 Hunting provides life lessons

1:10:10 Providing through hunting

1:15:05 Rich’s future goals

1:17:50 The Bow Rack

1:19:00 Is mental toughness developed or are you born with it?

1:28:00 Being a parent is the best job in the world

1:29:58 Closing

1:30:36 Sponsorships 

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