Build a Moose Tough Meat Pole

A couple years ago in AK Roy Roth and I had a moose on the ground and after processing the beast the priority was to get the meat off the ground so it could cool properly. Problem was there was no big trees use. We had to get creative. The same "meat off the ground" principal goes for big bulls in the mountains. While you might not have to build as quite of elaborate meat pole, I'd still like to go through the meat hanging exercise here.

First, we set off in the raft and found a sturdy long pole about 15 feet in length. Then me and Roy cut two stout legs about 8 feet in length, loaded them on the raft and hauled them back to camp. After jamming one end of the long pole into the bank and tying the three poles together at a pivot point (tied them very securely I might add) I slowly lifted the whole kit and caboodle until it was in just the right position. It seemed very sturdy and was. Using nylon cord we hung hundreds of pounds of meat on the masterpiece that we'd thrown together in about 45 minutes. The meat hung and cooled just as designed for a few days until the weather broke and the bush pilot was able to fly in and haul it out. That sweet tasting moose meat lasted us through the winter and such are the rewards of hard work and a little ingenuity.
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