"The Heads of Conquered Kings..."

...these photos remind me of that great line from the movie 300. The reason being is that to me these animals are kings of my world. However, it should be noted, everything reminds me of killer lines from 300. I freakin' love that movie.

I just got my caribou in yesterday, did some rearranging until 1:00 a.m. to make em' fit and snapped a few pics to share. I have so many powerful memories when I walk through the house...looking at my Steens buck, that old wide Quebec caribou that was the #1 velvet archery bull at the time, my B&C blacktail, Big Fork, the high-horned milo whitetail from Colorado, the Ranch Bull, Mud Buddy, ol' Dropper, my Pioneer Peak ram...you get the picture I am sure? A thousand thoughts - smiling faces, bitter frustration, the smell of a campfire and pine trees, the pain of aching shoulders, the feel of a warm sleeping bag after a long day in the mountains, the heartbreak of a wayward arrow and the elation at the end of a bloodtrail all captured with some hide and horns hanging on my wall.

These photos also take me back to my college days when in my dorm room I had antlers of a spike, fork, three and four-point blacktail hanging above my bed. I called this collection "the cycle". That was a long time ago. But, I still remember looking up at The Cycle with an enormous amount of pride. To hunters, antlers represent passion, sacrifice and the fulfilment of a dream.

I am excited with the new additions to my trophy room and just wanted to share all these epic bowhunting memories with my friends. My wife Tracey...I get the feeling she is not so excited. Weird?

If anyone has some good taxidermy they'd like to share I'd love to see it. My email is cam@cameronhanes.com. This is my life. Keep hunting hard. Cam
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