Ridge Reaper...by Under Armour


Talk about sweet mountain hunting gear! Under Armour has released a new line of killer gear for the hardcore hunter. This video will explain it better than I could here so click on the link, watch and please let me know what you think. I am pumped. I've been the guy, back in the day learning the ropes as a greenhorn in the backcountry, that would have to put on every piece of clothing I owned to try and stay warm. Flannel shirts, cotton hooded sweatshirts, cotton bandana, wool pants over the old standby waffle-patterned -long-handles. You can guess what this equated to....misery for one and for two, not real efficient or successful hunting.

Invariably I would get wet and freeze up top as first, my cotton hood would get wet then wick all that moisture in until my entire torso was soaked. Or I would sweat so much my I'd get wet from the inside out. My wool hunting pants, other than being itchy, they were o.k. until they got wet which didn't take long. They would still help me retain some warmth, but when wet they also weighed about 3x their original weight meaning I spent most my time pulling them up and working extra hard lugging that extra weight up and down the mountain. Thankfully, those days are over. Here is a photo from the archives...somehow, someway I killed this young bull at the tail end of a 10 day hunt, but was all kinds of miserable doing it. I remember vividly...my cotton shirt was soaked in this photo and my green wool pants were sagging like a gansta rapper's. It was 1992 and I was hunting the 3rd week of Sept. in Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness and the night I killed this bull temps plunged to 8 degrees. I slept in my sleeping bag with all my clothes on (all my clothes on!)...coat, boots, gloves...everything in a futile attempt to stay warm. My core body temp was so low from the day after day struggle to stay warm, I don't think I warmed up until being home for a few days. Fun stuff, but necessary as because of those types of experiences no one appreciates gear like UA's Ridge Reaper more than me. Believe that.

The team UA has working on improving their already awesome and effective clothing line is unsurpassed. I am confident the Ridge Reaper line will help keep guys on the mountain longer, hunting hard and when in the backcountry, Ridge Reaper gear will help the passionate hunter take their game to the next level. What this means is because of UA's RR release more hunting dreams will be realized.

Are you are Ridge Reaper? Check out this limited edition Ridge Reaper t-shirt. These aren't for sale but were given out at SHOT Show in Vegas to generate buzz. I'd say it worked...they went like hot cakes.

Win the day.


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