2009 ATA and RAGE 100

Here is a pic from my first round of the Rage 100 Invitational at the ATA show in Indy. Yes, the 100 is referencing yards. Five arrows shot at 100 yards tipped by Rage broadheads. Also, I have thrown in a few random pics from the show.

My arrows in the FITA target are the top, white/green ones at the lower edge of the yellow. About a 3-4 inch four arrow group except the high left arrow which was still a solid 8. I shot a 10, two 9's and two 8's. This was the 3rd highest score out of the 24 first round shooters. Even beat Randy Ulmer on this round, which is an accomplishment I will be proud of forever. He is one of the best bow shots of all time. A score of 44 at 100 yards had me brimming with confidence to make the finals. I didn't quite get it done as in the semi-final round I had one shot where I dropped my bow arm slightly and earned a 6! Totaled 40 points with the five arrows which wasn't too bad, but not good enough in this venue. Can't shoot a six and expect success against the line up I was shooting against. If I could have made a good shot on that arrow (needed a 9), I would have been in the finals, where odds are I would have been smoked by Tim Gillingham and Randy Ulmer who were on another level by that time. Between those two in the finals, every shot was either a 9 or 10, all in the yellow. At 100 yards mind you. The were all in the yellow until Randy's last shot which didn't make it to the target for some reason. He missed as his arrow hit about 10 feet short of the target. The guess is a blade must have deployed mid-flight, which was a huge let down. It was quite a battle between Randy and Tim, a blow for blow epic. It also cost Randy maybe 5k or at the least, $2,500 as he finished fourth. The benefactor was Mike Slinkard of Winner's Choice who jumped in to second after the mishap. Mike is a good guy and was shooting well. I was happy to see him get that 2nd place finish. What an awesome event, with some incredible bow and arrow accuracy with broadheads.

I was honored to be involved and man, there was a HUGE crowd. For a small time blue collar bowhunter like myself, it was a dream come true to be involved and I was honored to toe the line with my bowhunting heroes. Shot with Pete Shepley in our warm up round and in the first round....he can shoot!!!! No wonder he is legend in the sport. Again was an honor...I will never forget the experience. Keep in mind, I have fun going down to the Bow Rack at home and shooting against the local guys. I don't need much to be entertained. My bow, a few arrows and a target mixed in with a little camaraderie. I had all of this and MUCH, MUCH more at the Rage 100. Can't wait for next year. I am going to start preparing now!!!

For those who are interested, I was shooting a AlphaMax 35, at 70 lbs, launching Easton FMJ 400's led by the Rage two blade 100. My bow is outfitted with a red, white and blue Winner's Choice string, a Trophy Ridge Drop Slide rest, a new Spot Hogg Hogg Father single pin sight and my trusty Scott release. This bow is sickly accurate to shoot. It can shoot much more accurately than I can shoot, which is what you want.
NOTE -- special thanks to Collin Cottrell for his photo and video work at the Rage 100. And, for the support. Thanks buddy, keep doing what you do. Cam
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