My Life: The Perfect Off-Season Weekend...

THE PERFECT OFF-SEASON WEEKEND, yes and granted, it doesn't really compare to arrowing a big bull in the dark timber, (not much does) but the past 48 hours have been awesome and revolved around a few key elements....Family, Fitness, Focus, Fun and, of course, Bowhunting. That right there is my life!!!! I'll never take what I have for granted.

Stay humble...stay hungry.

Read on as I share with you the last 48 hours of my life. Click on the video links (give the videos a few seconds to upload) and photos below. Cam


I'll start this video/photo montage with a cool snippet of Truett tonight (Sunday), after three big basketball games this weekend, loading up 135 lbs on the squat rack and hammering out a couple reps (click on the link above). Tipping the scales at 80 lbs. my little guy has been lifting with me for a few months now and is really starting to show improvement. His heart and drive INSPIRES ME. I try to be a good role model to my kids and teach them that while in life others might doubt them....the key is that they never doubt themselves. They can achieve all their dreams. Truett has awesome focus and is not afraid to push through some pain. Stay tuned...he is running the Eugene Marathon in early May, the full 26.2. I can't wait to see him conquer this feat. As a 7th grader, he is much tougher than I ever was. BTW...he scored 14 and helped his team to a big win tonight before we lifted. Like yesterday, I again ran to his game....hammering out another 8 or 9 miles after yesterday's long, bloody run. Felt good.

Every bowhunter knows that there is nothing that can happen in March that will rival the feeling I had after arrowing this Wyoming bull in the backcountry. To me though, it is those September memories that keep me focused and working hard now, during the off-season. Keep your eye on the prize!!!

On Saturday I ended my long run at Truett's game. What a game it was. This is the end of the year 7th grade championship tournament (not quite the high school state championship like Tanner just played in, but to these boys it's a big deal), and unfortunately they (Sheldon Irish) were not doing well. With about 1:30 left they were down 10 points, 23-13, then things turned around. Truett hit a 3-pointer, Adam, another guard on his team, hit a 3-pointer, then after a steal, Truett hit another 3 with about five seconds left. All of a sudden it was a 1 point game, 23-22. On the inbounds after Truett's last 3, he stole the ball and was fouled. With 1 second left on the clock he headed to the line, needing to make a least 1 to force OT. He did, making the first and missing the second, knotting the score at 23 all. OT started with the other team, Churchill, making their first shot. With OT being only two minutes long this was not good. Truett then came down and hit ANOTHER 3-pointer giving Sheldon a 1 point lead, 26-25. This lead held up and Sheldon won. Truett scored 10 points in a touch over three minutes helping them get the win and earn another game on Sunday. That was fun.

I love talking bowhunting as I just did at RMEF's Elk Camp in Reno.

Tanner worked very hard this year on improving his game. Last year at the Oregon State Basketball Tournament he was overwhelmed and ineffective. This year, he did great and while his team, the Mohawk Indians, didn't achieve their goal of winning a State Championship, they had a lot of success and won the 3rd Place trophy. Tanner averaged a touch over 11 points in the State Tournament and played inspired defense. I was very proud of him. I only had to miss one of three tournament games, the semi-final game, as I had to go to RMEF's Elk Camp in Reno to give a seminar. He earned Qwest Player of the Game (in the state semi-final) for his effort. While I was dissapointed I missed the game, the fact that he was able to step up and play so well, with me out of state is a big deal. He is only 16, a junior in high school, but starting to turn the corner. He is #24 in the team photo I took after the 3rd place game in Baker City, Oregon. His dedication to being the best he can be INSPIRES ME.


Trace ran the first few miles of my long (2.5 hour) run with me on Saturday...she is actually a very good runner. She says she is not a good runner, she just does it to keep from weighing 300 lbs. We all run for different reasons right? Regardless, I like that this is something healthy we can do together. Her heart of gold INSPIRES ME. Check out the video...hit the link above.

I have a 50K Ultra coming up in two weeks. With all the travel for shows, seminars, etc. I haven't had the time get in those long runs I need to preparing for the Western States 100 in June. On Saturday I figured I better get busy in this regard. Hammered out about 20 miles before Truett's basketball game. Mentally, I was good, however, my body wasn't quite ready for the pounding. My feet usually break down before anything else early in the year and as you can see they did again. It is just something I have to deal with. Feels good to get the run in the books. As they say, you never regret the runs you do. It is the runs you don't do that you regret.

After watching the 5A title game we still needed to fit in the gym. It was 10 p.m. but Tanner wanted to work on his jumper and Truett wanted to lift. So we went to the gym until about 11:30 p.m.

On the heels of Tanner's State Tournament experience last weekend, we were in the mood to watch some good basketball. Saturday night we went to the 5A State Title game at Mac Court. Good game. The team we were pulling for lost.

Sunday morning, Taryn wanted me to paint her face after I shot my bow. Trace is the artist, but I gave it a go. She was happy with the results. Taryn's innocence INSPIRES ME.

Friday the hill in the rain. I ran the hill like most days after work, but today I had to hustle. I was to pick up my dad from his regular CAT scan at 5:30. He has been battling inoperable liver cancer for over a year now. His strength and courage INSPIRES ME. I often think of my dad when I don't want to run, lift or shoot my bow. Thinking, who am I to be lazy?

I remember as a little boy looking through his athletic scrap book hundreds of times. The newspaper clippings, medals, plaques. He was my hero. Unlike me and my boys, he had awesome athletic ability. Coming out of South Eugene High he was a D-1 athlete in track & field and gymnastics. I have very little in natural physical talents and my sons are about in the same boat...all we are left with is doing the most with what we have. My dad seemed to have it, talented and everyone in this town knew him. To me, his oldest son, Bob Hanes was larger than life. It was a special moment just this past Fall when he was honored as the first inductee into the South Eugene High School Hall of Fame. He is a special man. Check out the video below!!!


In the gym with simply can't do a better lift than a clean. Check out the video below!!!


365 days a year...I shoot my bow. Check out the video below!!!


It's March, seemingly a lifetime from September, but by staying committed to the journey we can start now laying the ground work for a successful Fall. My goal is to do something, anything, every single day towards the goal of becoming a better bowhunter. Shooting 6 arrows, walking a mile, running 10, talking gear at The Bow Rack, reading a hunting magazine, answering emails from other passionate all makes a difference. It all stokes that fire burning the day!!!

I have shared with you all what inspires me....what INSPIRES YOU?
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