Bighorn 100 the Video

Click on the link below and check out this video diary of my first 100 mile footrace, which took place in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. I did this all in the name of hunting.

Bowhunting the mountains of the west takes dedication….I am not the best bowhunter or the best shot, but I work hard in training and on the hunt. And, while maybe not every time, many times blood & guts effort and a no limit attitude are enough to help me achieve my goals.

Dream bigger, achieve more.


PS…don’t let the video fool you…I am a good actor. Despite how it looks, I was hurting BIG TIME. Especially running at night, by myself, with no cameras and no running mates. It was pretty lonely and painful out there. All but a memory now.

The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. This was my first and I was basically just trying to survive. The next one I will be trying to run for a better time. Sounds good sitting here in my chair anyway.

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