Alaska Backcountry Black Bear & King Salmon

In 100 words or less...awesome bear hunting, seemingly no sleep at all, great king salmon fishing, the best of friends and wild country deep in the Alaska backcountry. Adam Moffat filmed all the action as me and Roy killed big bear with our bows and Tanner and his high school friend Cord Wilkins, traveling for his first out of state hunting ever, downed real good boar's with a trusty 30.06. Tanner caught their kills on film as well, which no doubt they will relive 1,000's of times over the course of their lives.

We went four for four on big, mature bear...mine is well over the Pope & Young minimum. When we got them sealed, Dan Foster, the taxidermist I use up there, estimated my bear to be between 8-10 years old. We went deep, 100 miles on the river, and got into some older bear.

There is way too much of this adventure to share was a classic as always. Some highlights, Roy again, as we've done back and forth with each other a few times over 25 years of bowhunting, used my bow to kill his bear. We had an old boar closing in on us as we took kill photos of my bear, so I tossed Roy my bow and release and he arrowed his hammer bear with my Carbon Element. Not text book, but effective. I used his bow on POW in 2003 in a similar situation and he used my bow to kill a moose in Alaska in 2007. Having similar set ups and shooting styles has its advantages!

With the king's hitting as hard as they were on the Talachulitna the last few days, I'll tell you, it is real tough to head home...there is nothing like landing one of those hard hitters in this setting. To top it off, I was able to spend some time doing a book signing/meet and greet up here at Screamin' Eagle Archery in Wasilla, AK....I love the camaraderie of bowhunting and owner Tony Noe has definitely built a great pro-shop and passionate clientele. I really enjoyed the couple of hours I spent at his shop. Thanks for the opportunity Tony.

Until next time...Train Hard. Hunt Easy. Cam

If anyone is interested in Alaska fishing or hunting accommodations/travel needs call Roy Roth at 907-355-0890 or look up his operation at

Cameron R. Hanes

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